What is a chatbot?

ChatBot is a technology allowing real time interactive communication between your brand and the customer in digital environment as web site, social media or messaging platform.

Aim of ChatBot is to improve:

  • Customer service
  • Engagemet
  • Customer acquisition
  • Build loyalty


On website

On Facebook

Pop-up window

What kind of chatbots do we know?


  • Based on fixed predefined scenarios.
  • User have various options to self define his need.
  • Relevant communication line according to the choice.


  • Communication flows is one place for various end user communication channels.
  • Respond to user messages individually.
  • Responses are based on predefined keywords.
  • Each keyword has its own rules and a variety of possible answers.
  • Pictures, documents and videos could be a part of the communication flow.

Artifical Intelligence

  • Using artificial intelligence to define the interest of users.
  • Ability to learn from user interactions.
  • Suggests the answers by itself.
  • Using informations from 3rd party sources.

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