Active Real time digital twin of factory

factory dashboard

FactoryDashboard (Digital Twin of Factory) which allows collecting and visualizing information from different systems (such as machine detection, fire detection, noise detection, production flow monitoring, safety, waste management, energy management or lighting management) in one place. Everything in one place is a basic premise and the reason for existence of a single FactoryDashboard.

Currently, factories use different partial IoT devices which do not provide a comprehensive, unified overview, lacking an analytical module and interactivity.  Many factories have already implemented various digital points (sensors, cameras, radars, …) without knowing the full potential of functionality – where are the data stored, real status of the devices, real time. FactoryDashboard is an online real time view of digital factory – implemented solutions, their placement, all measured parameters, functionality and statuses of all devices, what happens / does not happen with data and much more.


  • real-time information and monitoring
  • possibility to create user alerts (notifications)
  • early warning of crisis scenarios
  • easy creation of custom KPIs and graphical analyzes
  • easy integration to existing systems
  • possibility to visualize data on map or charts
  • analysis tools for collected data
  • machine Learning and Data Anomaly Detection
  • can be used without the need for local IT resources

Customizable alerts – early warning of crisis scenarios

Custom defined KPIs – customized control mechanisms and conditions