Comfortable tool for monitoring and modeling of digital image of a factory.

– a very user-friendly and effective tool at the very beginning of the digitization process in factory. Allows you to conveniently and efficiently create digital images of company.

It enables to graphically divide the company into different zones, even geographically distant, is advantage for larger companies. It is easy to create other logical areas in individual zones, such as halls, buildings, but it is equally convenient to draw up individual offices or production lines. All this in a logical tree structure expressing a logical hierarchy. The actual placement of IoT devices such as lights, sensors, digital meters, EDGE devices,  tc. they can easily be dragged into their planned or existing location.

FactoryStudio takes into account the 3D dimension and the floor level for the zone or the device, you can prepare views clearly through the individual height levels without limiting the to up or downwards. When changing any parameters, it is also possible to quickly modify existing settings, positions or other attributes or IoT or IIoT devices themselves.


  • Factory drawing on a map
  • Takes into account multiple geographical locations
  • Allows partitioning as needed
  • Creates individual landscapes for buildings and floors
  • Possibility of color differentiation of individual objects and their parts
  • Hierarchical organization of objects in terms of company logic
  • Can handle any type of a building (office, manufacturing, warehouses,…)
  • Possible to divide up to individual production parts, rooms, machines,…
  • Wide range of already prepared sensors and devices